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SWEVEN Modules

SWEVEN – Digital Business Process Management

SWEVEN is a cloud-based facilities maintenance software that can facilitate the seamless and cost effective management of commercial or government facilities, contracts, vendors and technicians.

Our Modules

●  Labor, Trip and Material costs tracking.
●  Client Dashboard: summary of associated metrics: workflows, orders generated, in process, attended and processed, specific statistics.
●  E-Mail management.
●  Geolocation management.
●  Calendar and Schedule management
●  Workflow and Task management.
●  Notes and Documents management.
●  Vendor and Client management.
●  Unlimited Business Intelligence.
●  Asset Management
●  Inventory Management

●  Service Order management: reception and follow-up.
●  Geolocation management.
●  Notes and Documents management.
●  Vendor management.
●  Site Management.

●  Service Order management: inbound, assignment and follow-up.
●  Vendor Online Enrollment.
●  Selection of technicians close to the site using geolocation.
●  Electronic RFP for Vendors.
●  Geo-Dispatch.

●  Service Order management: updating of the service order, closing and final approval by the client.
●  Geolocation management.
●  Step-by-step recording of the progress of the execution of the service through the mobile device.
●  Recurring Maintenance (with asset maintenance Checklists).
●  Mailing, chat and profile management.
●  Working hours records for better monitoring and control of activities.
●  Photographic and audiovisual record of the activities carried out.
●  Registration of the client’s final approval.

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